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Torus knot

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In knot theory, a torus knot is a special kind of knot that lies on the surface of an unknotted torus in R3. Similarly, a torus link is a link which lies on the surface of a torus in the same way. Each torus knot is specified by a pair of coprime integers p and q. Geometrical representation - Properties - Connection to complex - List. Torus Knot. A -torus knot is obtained by looping a string through the hole of a torus times with revolutions before joining its ends, where and are relatively prime. A -torus knot is equivalent to a -torus knot. 27 May 36 Torus Knots. From Knot Atlas. Jump to: navigation, search Also see Other Knot Tables. Retrieved from.

Each torus knot is specified by a pair of coprime integers p and q. The (p,q)-torus knot winds q times around a circle inside the torus, which goes all the way around the torus, and p times around a line through the hole in the torus, which passes once through the hole, (usually drawn as an axis of symmetry). 3 Aug - 2 min - Uploaded by Henry Segerman Joint work with Saul Schleimer. 6 Dec - 19 sec - Uploaded by Adrian A torus that ends where it started. I am interested in buying a few of these torus knots like.

7 Feb where. Here and are coprime natural numbers. The torus knot lies on the surface of the unknotted torus, intersecting the meridians of the torus. torus-knot>. The torus knot primitive creates pretzel shapes using the geometry component with the type set to torusKnot. 4 Dec Torus Knot creates a complex or knotted torus by drawing 2D curves in the normal planes around a 3D curve. The 3D curve (called the Base. Torus Knots. Read Section Work on homework. Definition: A torus knot is a knot K that lies on an unknotted torus. Example: Mth – Spring In Section 3 we study the colored Jones polynomial for the torus knot T(s,t). We give a formula relating the quantum invariant with the Eichler integral. We further .


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