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Unique Bead Jewelry for All Looks and Styles
If you don't see what you want, please ask.
I do custom bead jewelry as well.

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Second Page of Necklaces
Third Page of Necklaces
Sunshine Burst Necklace
Fish Fishy Necklace
Green, but not with Envy Necklace
No Reason to Blush Necklace
Not Feeling Blue Necklace
Lemon and Lime Necklace
Lovely in Lavender Necklace
Curvy Metallic Necklace
Pink Faerie Necklace
Ring of Flowers Necklace
Bold in Pastel Necklace
Princess in Pink Necklace
2 Strand Lavender Choker with Peyote Bead
Turtle Necklace
White and Silver Woven Cross Necklace
Bright Peyote Slider Bead Necklace
Blue Lariat
Black and White Choker - SOLD
Lavender Necklace with Black Bead
Loop Choker
Green Single Strand Necklace
3 Strand Multi-Colored Necklace
Multi-Colored Multi-Strand Choker
2 Strand Purple and Crystal Necklace
3 Strand Dark Multi-colored Necklace
White Valentine Necklace
Diamond Weave Necklace
Valentine Necklace
Purple and Black Peyote Stitch Slider Necklace
Light Blue Short Peyote Stitch Slider Necklace
Crazy Short Peyote Stitch Slider Necklace
So Blue Short Peyote Stitch Slider Necklace
Black and Red Dragon Necklace
Red Bead Necklace-SOLD Short Peyote Stitch Slider Necklace with Orange - SOLD
Yellow Short Peyote Stitch Slider Necklace
Black and Light Rainbow 3 & 4 tab Necklace
6 Strand Confetti Necklace
The Big Green Bead Necklace
Dark Blue Single Strand Necklace - SOLD
Bold Statement of Black and Green
Green and Crystal Drop Necklace
Dark and Silver Blue Necklace - SOLD
Mint Chocolate Chip necklace
Red Crystal Single Strand Necklace - SOLD
Rainbow Tab Necklace
Crystal Clear Single Strand Necklace - SOLD
Black and Crystal Single Strand Necklace - SOLD
Metallic Bead Necklace - SOLD White and Multi Colored 'DNA' Necklace
Black and Metallic Rainbow Tab Necklace
Spring Flowers Tab Necklace
Pink and Black & Black and Pink Tab Necklace
Yellow tab Necklace
Purple and Black Tab Necklace
Black & Purple Necklace with Freeform Pendant
Green and Black Tab Necklace
Bug and Vine Peyote Stitch
Two Rainbow Tab Necklace
Black and Lavender Tab Necklace
Dark Blue and Crystal Clear Loop Woven Necklace
Metallic Rainbow & Clear Bead Tab Necklace
Black and Red Dragon Necklace

Second Page of Bracelets

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Custom Pieces Pictures of...
3 Thin Peyote Stitch Necklaces
Purple Anklet
Blue Anklet

More Custom Pieces Pictures of...
A 'Daughter Necklace'
Purple Bead Embroidered Bag

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